Salt Room

(now open!)

Salt Room

(now open!)

Salt Room (Winghaven)

Salt rooms deliver the experience of dry salt therapy where the air inside a room emits microscopic salt particles from a halogenerator for the purpose of relaxation and healing. This natural remedy involves inhaling medical-grade dry salt in our non-heated controlled environment, for a natural remedy that can soothe your skin, address any respiratory problems and resolve other medical issues such as a stuffy nose from flu.

Unlike normal table salt, the salt used in this treatment has not been stripped of its natural minerals which means as you inhale and absorb the salt, you also soak up the rich minerals. This is essentially how the salt room can offer healing benefits such as reducing allergy symptoms, curing a common cold, or even helping with inflammation by treating the lymphatic system. Many people have also reported that visits to a salt therapy room have improved their mood significantly, leaving them feeling peaceful, fresh, and completely relaxed.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your session to check in, and change into a robe.

You can wear your clothes in the salt room but was ask that you wear a robe over them and dress comfy.

You can not wear your street shoes passed the front desk.

We will provide sandals for you and you can feel free to wear socks with them. The sandals will be put on before entering the salt room and left outside the salt room door after your session is complete.

Sessions will run 25 minutes and there will be up to 4 people in the space.

The salt room is a silent room so feel free to bring a book or take a nap on our comfy benches!

$35 for a single session

$30 for a single session for members on an auto-pay contract.

No shows will forfeit your salt pass.

Come heal with us!

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3004 Winghaven Boulevard

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1155 Wentzville Parkway, Suites 107-109

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