Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


April Elliott (owner)

ERYT-200, RYT-500

Owner of Detox Yoga Studios. At the age of 26, April was seven months pregnant with her daughter, Isabella. She was injured during a tornado, buried several feet deep in bricks and debris. When she was found, her leg was crushed and her belly was flat. She and her daughter both made it out safe but she would never be the same after this accident.

After the accident, she was determined to never again live one day on this earth without appreciating the life she was blessed to have. April suffered from PTSD and was doing at-home rehabilitation. She read an article about yoga and thought she would give it a try. Before the accident, she participated in running, lifting, and kickboxing.

Her first yoga class was done in a small studio that could only fit about seven people. She was amazed by the way she felt, and after that day, she was forever changed. The dream to open a studio and help others find healing through yoga started on that day almost eight years ago. In 2017, she went to Costa Rica and lived there for a month deep in the mountains overlooking the ocean. It was here that she completed her 200-hour YTT. She obtained her 500 hour certification in February 2024.

Fast forward one year, and she is proud to say that Detox Yoga, her studio is OPEN! She hopes to break the stigma attached to yoga that it is just for women, flexible people, thin people, vegans, etc.

Angie Cobb


Angie began her yoga story in 2009 in a gym-based class with the intention of stretching to keep her body healthy after a workout (spinning, body pump or half-marathon training). As life with four young children got busier and schedules filled, it seemed that all of that was set aside. Years passed, feeling overwhelmed and wanting more than the mundane, hustle-and-bustle of life she began looking for answers. That started the ball rolling - the goal: simplify life by minimizing the things that were stealing joy. This led to budgeting and living a debt free life. Over the years of minimizing and becoming debt free, something was still off. Enter 2020 and COVID-19. The world essentially shut down and life’s pace slowed. As things became less hectic, there was more time to roll out the mat. Her at home practice deepened and as restrictions were lifted and yoga studios opened back up she found herself at Detox Yoga. Falling in love with the practice, but more so the feeling of being present and the sense of peace that it brought. It was at this time she decided to dive deeper and travel to Costa Rica to be trained in the Hatha Vinyasa style of yoga. Angie, a self-proclaimed life-long student, aims to take her students with her on a journey of learning and understanding the practice of yoga and the peace of mind it can bring by allowing the body the space to move, the mind the privilege to quiet, and the spirit the opportunity to expand.

Lauren Van Slyke


Outside of yoga, Lauren is a mother of three, proud wife to her husband Jared, enjoys homeschooling her kids and spending as much time outdoors as possible. Lauren is an RYT-500 and assists educating aspiring instructors in the Detox YTT program. Lauren's yoga journey began 13 years ago when she walked into her first class and was hooked. Coming from a dance/performing arts background, yoga was the perfect blend of grace, movement and breath. After 5 years of chronic symptoms from a "mystery" illness and no progress using western medicine, she turned to holistic medicine and healing. Finally, she found answers and was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2021. Yoga, among many other modalities, was part of her healing. Lauren found Detox Yoga and immediately become a regular. She started to see a shift in her nervous system, immune system and overall health. She knew yoga would be a lifelong journey from there on out. She has been symptom free for almost 3 years now! After learning that a massive part of becoming ill was triggered by unprocessed trauma and poor lifestyle choices, she is committed to helping others find wellness also. Her personal mantra is "May what we do on our mats together translate and integrate into our lives when we are not", and aims to bringing that mantra into each and every class.

Mario Ribas


Walking into his first yoga class in September of 2018, Mario felt the need to expand his physical capabilities for the many activities he has always enjoyed. Holding a lead certification in Rock Climbing, multiple belts and awards in Martial Arts, and frequently seen on the mountain biking trails across the state, he decided to complement his activities with a journey into Yoga.

Little did he know that first class would spark a fire for a practice he immediately knew would be a lifelong journey. Since then, Mario has completed a 200-hour teacher training and is now recognized as a 200hr YTT by Yoga Alliance. Furthering his teachings, Mario also studied a traditional sequence brought to the Western world and has provided instruction for this highly regarded practice to students at Detox Yoga. ​

Mario hopes to bring the beauty, benefits, and love for yoga to other practitioners in the community. He also hopes to show that Yoga is a practice that can bring amazing benefits to all people, including men, not just women.​Mario's style will encourage students to find their limits and exceed them; will explore limits in both flexibility and strength, and train the body to overcome the doubts in the mind.

In addition to his athletic endeavors, Mario likes to play guitar, take on cerebral projects like programming and writing, and create games with his daughter like "Floor is lava"! and "Can he hold this yoga pose while she climbs over him?"

Courtney McDermott


Hi, I'm Courtney! I am a 200 RYT, certified meditation coach, and personal trainer. I grew up dancing and playing sports but dance was my life. I coached cheerleading, helped dancers with choreography and started to explore yoga so I could help my dancers with flexibility and mental health. After a year of so I started teaching lots of fitness classes and decided to get my first yoga certification in 2009 through the same company I got my personal training certification. I started out teaching power yoga and was soon addicted. Went on to coaching runners and created a yoga for runners program. I also taught classes to target the main muscles athletes use in their sports to promote recovery and injury prevention. After I had my babies, I took some time off from teaching and after a couple of years break I got another yoga certification to deepen my knowledge and practice. I always wanted to teach at Detox and feel so blessed to be apart of this amazing community! Yoga has truly changed my life in so many ways.

Julie Marsek


Julie has been a practitioner at Detox since it opened. As soon as she walked through the doors, she fell in love with the studio and the community. As Julie grew in her practice she felt the desire to attend yoga teacher training at Detox, to give others the experience she had been gifted over the years of practicing.

After graduating from the Detox 200hr training in the spring of 2021, Julie became an instructor at her home studio.

Getting to teach and practice multiple times a week Julie loves to partake in all different styles offered in the yoga world. “ Anything that gives me strength, balance and awareness to my body and soul, will get me on my mat”.

Her style of teaching is finding the balance of releasing control and to follow your breath.

Pushing you to your edge, but finding that there is no judgment, yet power in holding back.

Billie Kincaid


Billie Kincaid is originally from North Dakota and moved to Missouri over 40 years ago. She and her husband John have been married 40 years and have two children and three granddaughters. Her career as a nurse gave her many fulfilling years but when she retired in 2016 to care full time for her two youngest granddaughters, it was an opportunity to make a change.

In December 2018, Billie took her first yoga class and fell in love with April, Amber, and the Detox Community. In March of 2019, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and found support from family, friends, and those in her yoga community.

Billie graduated from Detox Yoga’s 200-Hour Teacher Training in May 2021. “10 months seems long - but when you spend one weekend a month with your group - It's humbling and makes you vulnerable. But in the end, it makes you whole.”

In her free time, Billie likes to spend time outside planting flowers, traveling and hanging out with her two cats, Frankie and Miss Kitty.

Amanda Wenger


Meet Amanda, RYT 200-certified yoga instructor with four years of teaching experience.

Amanda discovered yoga as a runner in high-school seeking relief for her body and mind. She quickly fell in love with the depth of the practice and dedicated herself to studying yoga's rich traditions.

Now, eight years later, Amanda has shared her passion for yoga with a diverse range of practitioners. In her classes, everyone is welcomed, supported, and celebrated. She incorporates modifications and props to accommodate all abilities.

Specializing in vinyasa yoga, Amanda’s teaching style blends breath, movement, meditation, and spiritual philosophy. She firmly believes in yoga's potential to heal and enlighten, and hopes to guide you on the transformative journey to your truest self!

Julie Bystrom


Julie Bystrom is a mother of three girls and a she has an amazing husband named Andrew. She got into yoga in high school to help with flexibility and to compliment her love of running. She also started practicing to help her deal with daily stress. She continued to practice another 20 years until Covid hit. Once the studio opened up during/after Covid, Julie began practicing every single day. Yoga became so much more of a lifestyle instead of just an exercise. One of Julie's instructors at Detox mentioned Yoga Teacher Training to her. She had no intention of teaching but wanted to deepen her practice. She moved forward with the yoga teacher training. Once she started she realized just how deep yoga actually is. Julie realized that the emotional and mental benefits outweigh the physical. She now loves teaching and her most passionate part of the teaching process comes from creative sequencing and helping her students cultivate flow state on their mats. In 2023, she complete her RYT-300 and is now a RYT-500 and is part of the yoga teacher training at Detox!

Meghan Auping


Meghan is an RYT-200. Meghan’s interest in yoga started nearly a decade ago. At the time, she was seeking avenues to help cope with anxiety. While she hadn’t yet adopted a regular routine, Meghan found yoga and mediation helpful. Enter Detox Yoga! As soon as she heard Detox would be offering Yoga Teacher Training, she knew it was the right path for her. Her initial goal was to deepen her own practice of yoga. Since receiving her certification, Meghan has joined the Detox team and enjoys teaching Vinyasa and Restorative yoga. She strives to help all students in her classes feel welcome, comfortable and appreciate where they are in their own practice of yoga. Outside of teaching yoga, Meghan enjoys spending time with her husband and two fur babies. She has a full time career and continues to build upon her own yoga practice by frequenting classes and workshops at Detox! She looks forward to continuing her yoga journey by adding specializations/certifications to improve her mental/physical practice and to share her knowledge with others!

Megan Dodson


"My yoga journey began in 2020 when my best friend asked me to join her for a class at Detox. At the time, I was battling a lot of grief, anxiety, and self douby. I had been casually practicing yoga for years at home but hadn't ventured outside of the yoga postures or realized the true life-altering benefits of yoga. Walking in to Detox Yoga felt like coming home, and my mind was opened during my very first class. Yoga has had such a profound positive and spiritual impact on my life. I hope to share the kind of love and gratitude I feel on the mat with others. Can't wait to see you in class!"

Jamie Blackson


I am a Marine Corps Veteran, wife, and mother of three wonderful kids. I started attending yoga classes in 2015 as a birthday present to myself and fell in love with the practice! When I started, I had little flexibility or balance, but quickly learned that it was enough. Yoga meets you where you are every time you step on the mat! It has taught me to embrace the things that serve me and leave the things that do not. I have found such a passion for my practice that I wanted to share it with others.

In October 2022, I completed my yoga teacher training at Detox Yoga and became an RYT-200 and shortly after completed my Chair Certification. I love teaching yoga and helping others enjoy the benefits of this practice; from beginners to experienced partitioners. As I continue to be a student myself, I embrace every opportunity to live it on and off the mat: and share it with others.

Michael Deyoung


I am a Grandfather, Father, Husband, High School Teacher, and Coach. My yoga journey started about four years ago in a gym down the street from Detox Yoga in Wentzville. Challenging exercise and competitive activities have always been a part of my regular routine from youth to the present.... and then I met yoga...​

Yoga immediately took me out of my comfort zone and introduced me to things that I could not do which was frustrating because I have always considered myself to be an above-average athlete capable of navigating any exercise routine. I struggled with holding poses, breathing, and maintaining focus. Every practice I attended revealed another imperfection and caused me to evaluate my motivation to continue on this road. Then it hit me... Yoga was teaching me that it was not a competition between myself and other yogis but between me and what I allowed to take place inside the four corners of my mat. I needed to look deep inside myself and be satisfied with where I was as a practitioner and move forward from there knowing that success or failure was never final. Yoga has taught me to let go of achievement expectations and allow my body to receive each posture and benefit from the moment as opposed to some lofty expectation.​

In the fall of 2019 I became a part of the first Detox Yoga Teacher Training class and walked out ten months later with a greater knowledge and respect for the practice of yoga. I also created a bond with my classmates and instructors that I will have forever. After receiving my 200 Hour Training Certificate I have focussed on Restorative Yoga. Restorative yoga involves passive stretching and minimal movement where yogis reach a deepened state of relaxation and release. The first time I was in a Restorative class I felt like somebody put me in time out, however, I have come to realize it could be the most challenging of all the yoga disciplines. Imagine holding a passive posture for several minutes, pranayama breathing, and letting go of all the thoughts that race through your mind on a regular basis.

Katie Ruppert


Katie Ruppert is a wife & mom. She works full time with The Pampered Chef as a coach & leader for her team spread all over the states.

Yoga has been a life-line & balance to her busy life and over-active mind for over 20 years but in 2021 she stumbled into Detox Yoga Studios after an ankle injury and immediately felt at home.She decided to take her study deeper with 200 hour teacher training, graduating in October 2022 & the 300 hour program in January 2024Teaching yoga is a joy and a delightful way to share her passion for the practice. She practices daily and loves to read, run, dance, sing and learn all things health & wellness. As your guide in class, Katie loves to share her love of linking movement & breath to transform your mindset. She loves seeing students get out of their heads and find freedom in movement She says the best part of yoga is that you never “get it” there’s always more to learn & explore as your body and mind is changing every day.

Julie Ann Moriarty


Yoga has been a part of Julie's life for several years. She fell in love with hot yoga at Detox Yoga Studios in 2020, shortly after she obtained a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification. Being able to express her faith daily on the mat has helped her overcome the worry and fear of the world, both spiritually and physically. The friends and community that yoga has produced are priceless and irreplaceable. With focus on her financial business that she has built since 2008, she finds joy, relaxation, and exhilaration being able to practice yoga to motivate not only herself in her career, but the minds, bodies, and souls of others. In her spare time, Julie loves to water and snow ski, roller blade, travel abroad, bring her best friend (sister) to yoga classes, and spend time with her husband, cats, and chickens.

Lyndi Wacker


Lyndi Wacker is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher and Registered nurse. She is a mother to 2 kids and several fur babies and a wife. In her free time, she loves anything hockey, camping and gardening. Her journey with yoga began in March 2022, when she was invited to the studio by a friend. The peace and solitude that the practice offered kept her coming back for more. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2023 through Detox Studio. Joining that training changed the trajectory of her life. The community and connection yoga has brought into her life is irreplacable. Personal health struggles and a battle with cancer didn’t break her due to the strong foundations yoga has instilled into her life. Lyndi loves bringing the joy of yoga to others through her teaching. Yoga is more than just the movements on the mat & her passion ranges from slow mediative flows to powerful vinyasa flows. She hopes to bring her students not only the physical benefits of moving their bodies but also the beautiful mental health benefits that come from mind-body connection.

Jenny Briner


Like many practitioners, Jenny was introduced to yoga through online yoga videos. She was working to improve her fitness to keep up with teen kids on a ski vacation. While she was originally attracted to the movement, it was the ease that kept her coming back. As someone who has trouble sitting down, the idea of svasana was mind blowing and also just what her body needed. Jenny’s first studio class was at Detox with her (then) teen daughter and a group of friends. She was hooked. Unfortunately, not long after that first class, the pandemic hit. Despite the shutdown, she found herself drawn to a daily yoga practice to offset all of the craziness of that time. That spurred her interest in yoga and learning more about the physical and mental benefits of the practice, which lead her to sign up for teacher training at Detox. Jenny loves guiding students with all levels of fitness and watching them grow in their practice. She desires for her students to take the practice off their mats and out into their daily lives.

Kalista Dunlap


I'm a 200 hour yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, massage therapist, and owner of Street Beanz Coffee. I first stepped foot into a yoga studio 6 years ago, and instantly fell in love with the mind and body connection yoga has to offer. When I stepped into that studio, it was the first time in my life that I felt safe to step inside my body and explore it, rather than hide from it. Yoga has given me a love for holding space for others. A safe space that allows them to explore what their bodies are capable of through movement, and in return offers them peace.

Angel Garcia


Yoga for me began as an at home physical practice mixed with mindful thinking and meditation. In 2020, I went to my first hot yoga class @ Detox Yoga. I quickly fell in love with the physical aspect of the practice, and later on decided I wanted to integrate more of the spirituality of yoga into not only my practice, but my every day life.I was super interested in furthering my knowledge as a whole and sharing my love for what I already knew to others. I enrolled in the 200- Hour YTT program in May of 2022. During the training I noticed the revitalization of myself and others. After graduating in February of 2023, I shortly landed a teaching position and have been teaching ever since. In my classes I bring strength & mindfulness and plan to help others bring their mind, body, and spirituality all into unity!

Stephanie Zweifel


Hi! I’m Stephanie! Growing up I was involved in gymnastics and cheerleading. I went on to cheer in college which is where my yoga journey began. I took my first yoga class in 2016 when I began college to add an extra aspect of strength and flexibility to help with cheerleading. I saw a lot of parallels between yoga and gymnastics that made me love yoga right off the bat. Although I started it to help with the physical body, I soon noticed that it was more than that. I noticed it brought me a peace of mind and it was a way for me to release unwanted energy. I continued doing yoga all throughout college and dove deep into the spiritual aspect of it. When I graduated college and was finished my cheerleading career, I decided to sign up for YTT at Detox. Throughout the training I learned so many tools and techniques to live a happier and more mindful lifestyle as well as deepen my asana practice. Since then, I have been practicing regularly at Detox, going on yoga retreats, and finding ways to practice yoga off the mat in my everyday life!

Jamie Jobe


Jamie is originally from Edwardsville, Illinois but has lived in the St Charles area for the past 8 years. Jamie was an avid ballerina from age 3 to 18 but stopped dancing after starting college. After graduation, she really missed ballet and searched for a substitute for a few years without luck. She started doing yoga videos at home about 5 years ago after her daughter, Hadley, was born. Jamie instantly realized that yoga could easily be a replacement for her ballet practice but struggled with consistency and motivation while working out at home with a small child. With much excitement and some hesitancy, Jamie showed up to the 5am Detox Hot class led by owner, April Elliott, on the second day Detox Yoga was open for business. She was immediately hooked and has maintained a consistent in-studio and at-home vinyasa yoga practice ever since. Outside of yoga, Jamie is a high school biomedical science teacher. She has a passion for learning a wide range of subjects from science to anthropology to yoga philosophy and enjoys sharing that with others. She also loves being outside and tries to get in at least one hike a week. Fun fact: Jamie used to study primates! In 2010, she lived in Khao Yai National Park in Thailand for 6 months studying gibbons while earning her master's degree in anthropology.

Ashley Campise


Ashley is a dedicated student and practitioner of yoga first and foremost. This fuels her passion for teaching. Ashley has been teaching yoga since 2016. She teaches classes, workshops, and teacher trainings both locally and nationally. Ashley studies and works closely with her teacher Darren Rhodes, founder of yogahour®. She started practicing in 2012. Ashley completed her 200 hour training in 2016 with BlueBird and Southtown Yoga in St. Louis, MO and her 300 hour training in 2020 with Yoga Oasis in Tucson, AZ. Her gusto for these practices (and life in general) is undeniable and you’ll see that in her offerings. Ashley's mission is to get these practices off the mat (or cushion) and into the world.

There's something really profound that happens when a person can bring their practices into their day to day activities. Off the mat you can find her traveling the U.S. with her husband, Steve and their pup’s Sunny and Moose in their self converted campervan. Ashley enjoys kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, basically anything outside!

She also founded a group called Midwest Women's Adventure Club which is a group designed to bring women together in outdoor/adventurous places and spaces where all body types, ethnicities, abilities, etc. are welcome.

Kaylee Rowan


Kaylee found yoga at the young age of 11 when her mom took her to a class to help relieve anxiety. Kaylee immediately fell in love with yoga and its healing properties, it became a space where she was free of anxiety and stress. Kaylee continued her journey practicing at a community yoga class and then came to detox in 2021 when she was going into her senior year of high school. Kaylee felt that detox was exactly where she needed to be and becoming a yoga instructor was something she had always dreamed of. In January of 2022 she began her training at Detox Yoga while finishing up high school. In October of 2022 Kaylee graduated her 200 hour teacher training eager to help others find yoga and fall in love with the practice just as she did. Kaylee plans to complete her 300 hour training in the future to further her knowledge of the power and practice of yoga.

Lesleh Sprecker


My fitness journey started traditionally with weights and cardio. After becoming very ill for several weeks, I started a home practice in January of 2018. At the time it was a way to keep myself active while I rebuilt my body and strength.

I challenged myself to do a 30-day yoga challenge, followed by a 60 and a 100-day personal challenge and I was hooked. Enter Detox and April and I truly fell in love with Vinyasa, a dance of breath and movement that is full of endless creativity!

In September of 2019, I enrolled in the 200 hr YTT program to further my individual practice. In the midst of that training, I witnessed yoga's transformative power on myself along with my fellow trainees. Years of negative self-talk and anxiety had taken a toll on my esteem. Thru my yoga training, I found a kinder voice for myself, empowering myself through healing intentions and mantras. I knew this was what lit my spirit up and it constantly fueled my creativity. It found me when I needed it most and has continued to help me in my career, family life, and personal life.

I am so fortunate and thankful to have the opportunity to guide at the studio that had such an impact on me.

I believe everyone deserves to feel valued and love and it all starts with how they speak to themselves. Please join me in a moving mediation full of self-empowerment, fueled by your breath and positive vibes. I look forward to sharing a practice with you. Namaste! 💗

Dr. Jen Rausher


As a doctor, holistic injury recovery expert, and 18-year yogi, Dr. Jenn aims to bring her 20 years experience of hospitality, healthcare, and movement together at Detox Yoga!

Originally from Florissant, MO, Dr. Jenn grew up utilizing natural remedies, nutrition, and movement as medicine. Her first career as an actress, singer, and dancer allowed her to travel the globe performing in the theater and circus industries. At the age of 19, a health crisis with cancer gave Dr. Jenn the opportunity to prioritize her health holistically. She utilized yoga, chiropractic, and natural Ayurvedic healthcare to rebuild vitality leading her on the cancer-free path towards doctorhood and sharing the power of a wellness lifestyle.

In 2020, she graduated from Life University in Atlanta, GA, and worked as a travel chiropractor, serving across 7 states as a clinic director and acquisition specialist. She is now excited to serve her community at her chiropractic office in South City, St. Louis in addition to serving through yoga at Detox Yoga.

Dr. Jenn uses her specialized expertise to provide holistic selfcare void of medications, injections and surgeries and offers a clear path to a wellness lifestyle. If you are ready to upgrade your yoga flow, Dr. Jenn is ready to help!

Front Desk Staff

Claire Goldstein

Isabella Edmundson

Teacher Training Staff

Lesleh Sprecker


My fitness journey started traditionally with weights and cardio. After becoming very ill for several weeks, I started a home practice in January of 2018. At the time it was a way to keep myself active while I rebuilt my body and strength.

I challenged myself to do a 30-day yoga challenge, followed by a 60 and a 100-day personal challenge and I was hooked. Enter Detox and April and I truly fell in love with Vinyasa, a dance of breath and movement that is full of endless creativity!

In September of 2019, I enrolled in the 200 hr YTT program to further my individual practice. In the midst of that training, I witnessed yoga's transformative power on myself along with my fellow trainees. Years of negative self-talk and anxiety had taken a toll on my esteem. Thru my yoga training, I found a kinder voice for myself, empowering myself through healing intentions and mantras. I knew this was what lit my spirit up and it constantly fueled my creativity. It found me when I needed it most and has continued to help me in my career, family life, and personal life.

I am so fortunate and thankful to have the opportunity to guide at the studio that had such an impact on me.

I believe everyone deserves to feel valued and love and it all starts with how they speak to themselves. Please join me in a moving mediation full of self-empowerment, fueled by your breath and positive vibes. I look forward to sharing a practice with you. Namaste! 💗

Dr. Steve Schoenherr

Dr. Steve Schoenherr, a lifelong resident of St. Charles County, founded Schoenherr Chiropractic over 28 years ago. His love of sports and fascination of the complexity of the human body inspired him to study biology at the University of Missouri - Columbia. A car accident then altered his path. Chiropractic treatments expedited his recovery and introduced him to a holistic way of life. He enrolled at Logan University and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic. Each day, his goal is to help amplify the life of his patients. In addition to chiropractic, he is certified in acupuncture. He has advanced training in extremity and TMJ protocols, prenatal and pediatric techniques, and functional nutrition and detoxification. He enjoys educating on structure, movement, and function of the body and how we can heal with holistic practices.Steve is currently on the board of the Midwest Academy of Chiropractic, an avid traveler, distance and trail runner, and recreational hiker. He discovered Yoga over a decade ago to help balance his running and has since explored a variety of practices. He loves the study of the science behind energy practice, meditation, and healing. He has three adult sons, and puts the living in life with his wife, Tess, and their dogs.

Emmet Schmelig


Emmet Schmelig, E-RYT-500, LMT, attended his first yoga class in 1992. A lifetime of experience in athletics and interest in physical fitness coupled with his study of yoga, massage therapy and personal training have enhanced his yoga teaching skills. Emmet has accumulated more than 10,000 hours of yoga teaching and has earned Yoga Alliance Experienced teacher status. Emmet has participated in many yoga workshops, and led several yoga workshops of his own and has led several week long yoga retreats in Mexico and Germany. Emmet is also a Licensed Massage Therapist. Emmet is certified through AFFA, personal fitness training and certified to teach yoga to older adults through Duke Integrative Medicine Center, Duke University,

Sarah Helle



I’ve been a PT for 30 years and early in my career, gravitated towards natural health and mind/body modalities. I started the women’s health program 25 years ago at a local hospital and specialized my manual therapy techniques with John Barnes Myofascial Release, Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral, Dry Needling, and Reiki training. I completed my 500 YTT in 2015 (I think— may need to look that up) and massage certification in 2013. I have completed functional nutrition trainings and that lead to taking the National Board Certifications for Health Coaches. My intention is to address each client’s movement, nutrition, and manual therapy needs from an individualized, wholistic perspective.

Tim Applebaum


Tim is a St. Louis native and is 200HR YTT certified. Tim found yoga, like many, to fix his back. Years of playing hockey and exercise had led to constant pain. After giving yoga a try, he fell in love with it and has continued to practice ever since. Yoga has followed him through his time in the infantry Marines, being an elementary school teacher, and as an MMA cage fighter. Now, Tim’s practice is focused on the “yog” or yoke. The binding of the mind, body, and spirit that gave yoga its name. The mental and spiritual benefits that work in tandem with the physical practice of yoga can be extremely beneficial and instrumental towards living a full life. “You may control a mad elephant...Walk on water and live in fire, but control of the mind is better and much more difficult.” ~ Ani Pema Chödron

Jen Jones


Jen Jones began practicing yoga as a way to more effectively deal with stress and anxiety. She was so inspired by the changes she saw in her personal life that she decided to attend her first yoga training in 2007. After completing this 200-hr training, she went on to receive her 500-hr training from the Asheville Yoga Center. She opened South River Yoga studio in 2018 and recently sold it to pursue an education in Ayurveda. Jen is currently an Ayurvedic Health Coach and is studying Ayurvedic herbalism at the Joyful Belly Ayurveda school.

Jen also has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, has completed graduate work in Counseling/Psychology, and also went through the Mind Body Stress Reduction Program (created by Jon Kabat-Zinn).

Melissa Christensen


Melissa has been teaching full time since 2008 and her dedication to the practice and her students is easily felt and understood.

Melissa has found a special passion for yin yoga and has been leading Yin Yoga Teacher Training and Weekend Intensives nationwide since 2014. She is also currently co-lead teacher trainer for Yoga Via's 200H Teacher Training program in St George, Utah. Sharing her passion for teaching, she also developed and was co-lead teacher for Spectra School of Yoga's 200 and 300H Teacher Training Program in Costa Mesa, CA from 2015-2020 until they closed in 2020. Contact her for more information on hosting a yin training at your local studio and check out her upcoming training schedule.

Yoga quickly became a way of life for Melissa when she noticed that the most significant impact of her practice was happening off the mat.

With a strong desire to find a deeper meaning and more balanced way of life, she delved into the authentic teachings and philosophy behind the science and practice of yoga.

Now an E-RYT-500, YACEP Yoga Alliance certified teacher and teacher trainer, having graduated from Yoga Pura’s 500-hour Advanced Studies & Teacher Training program in Phoenix, AZ in 2008, she is devoted to sharing her passion for yoga and the gift this transformational practice offers to all of her students. Her teaching style is balanced between the philosophical and physical offerings of yoga. Using the tools of yoga, married with skillfully selected music and postures, she offers insights and experiments that encourage students to notice unhelpful habits in an effort to find greater joy and peace on and off the mat. Her intention is to challenge both your body and mind - question your perception of reality - leaving you with a profound opportunity for transformation.

Melissa is forever thankful to her teachers Bernie Clark, Paul Grilley, Joe Barnett, Sarah Powers, Nicolai Bachman, Jules Mitchell and Eric Walrabenstein; and her friends for guiding and encouraging her as she continues to deepen her own practice and teachings. She is forever grateful to her yogi husband of over 25 years for supporting and sharing in her yoga journey.

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